About us

The zone parking system is operated by Nextsense, a leading Macedonian provider of e-business and mobile solutions. The technology for the realization of this project is provided by NOW!Innovations Solutions, one of the worlds’ leading digital permit and mobile payment solution providers for the parking and transport sectors. The system is fully authorized and supported by the local parking operator JP Gradski Parking - Skopje and JP Parkiralista - Strumica.

For the realization of this project experiences from other European countries were used. The system was first introduced on the Belgian market by the city of Antwerp in 2004, but over time other European countries started to implement it. The widest implementation in the USA. The platform is being continuously improved, and its functions widened.

The m-parking system allows you to park your car in pre-defined zones by sending an SMS to the number 144144 from your mobile phone.

The system is one of the very few 2nd generation platforms for organization of parking by means of mobile communication and administration of electronic permissions. It combines deep understanding both of the mobile communication and the parking industry and allows flexible integration of the technologies and easily processing of the most popular payment methods.