Business Customers

Zone parking system can revolutionize parking and parking administration in your company. It offers all the necessary tools for fleet management, reporting, accounting and cost control.


When you register as a corporate customer, you will receive the following additional benefits, besides the general benefits of zone parking:
  • You receive a single monthly bill for all the parking sessions of your employees, which greatly reduces the amount of accounting work and gives you a much better overview of parking sessions and costs
  • You can set limits for each user by working hours in working days. This allows you to keep costs under control and to ensure that employees only park on the company account during office hours
  • You can subsidize your employees’ private mobile phones by working hours in working days
  • You can save costs, not only thanks to a more efficient administration but also because you pay only for the time you are actually parked, which offsets any additional SMS costs in the long term
  • The possibility to pay with your mobile phone reduces the risk of getting a parking fine

How to register

Registering for our service is easy; just fill in the online form. You can also call us at 389 2 321 5566 to obtain more information about our services.

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Our fleet management tools allow you to:
  • add unlimited mobile phone numbers to your account
  • assign monthly parking limits to each user and/or user group
  • define the company cars and limit the use of your account to those cars
  • limit the use of your account to working hours, working days, maximum purchases and money limit
  • subsidize other mobile phone numbers that are not on you company account
  • create reports on the use of your account (based on office hours, company and private cars etc.)
  • analyze past parking behavior and costs.
For more information about our fleet management functions, please e-mail us at: info@parking.mk

Mobile application for registered users

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